Our mission

The wisdom of nature

The strength of friendship

The beauty of life

The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to improving the lives of youth (ages 7 to 17) from disadvantaged backgrounds. Its goal is to provide them the personally and socially enriching experience of attending a summer camp (Camp Quatre Saisons).


The experience of an outdoor adventure enhances the development of self-esteem, personal autonomy, and one’s sense of responsibility. The benefits of close contact with nature contribute to an expanded ecological consciousness and acquiring healthy life habits. Camp activities, friendships and the group experience all constitute rewarding and positive experiences.

These experiences will provide the youth the opportunity to master their emotions, better control their behavior, enhance their motivation, and incite perseverance in their academic endeavors and life projects.

The effects of such a memorable experience will inevitably leave their mark on the development of the adaptive strengths of these youths, positively affecting their family, social, and scholastic life.


The Foundation will collaborate with camps certified by the Association des camps du Québec (ACQ), thereby ensuring educational content and regulatory norms related to quality and security.

A partnership between the Foundation and selected camps will help establish agreements on objectives and selection criteria for potential participants.

The process of helping disadvantaged families currently used by the camps will serve as a base for selecting potential participants. The current programs in place may not meet all the needs, and the support provided by the Foundation will certainly help meet the most urgent or greatest needs.

Each year, following its fundraising campaign, the Foundation will distribute an amount to the pre-selected camps for use during youth registration. These camps will then submit a dossier to the Foundation detailing the allocation of funds and the results in terms of the participation and satisfaction of youth involved.


The Foundation is composed of volunteer administrators that maintain a solid link with individuals who have already benefited from various outdoor adventures (camping, expeditions, excursions, etc.).

The volunteer administrators actively collaborate with various organizations dedicated to advancing the needs of struggling families: youth centres, food banks, charitable and community organizations.

Wilderness Adventures

Many youth from disadvantaged backgrounds could truly benefit from an authentic outdoor adventure at a time in their life when the quality of community ties could have a significant impact on their development.

We are counting on your generosity and your community involvement that will allow youth to discover the wisdom of nature, the strength of friendship, and the beauty of life.